>Item 13 in 25 motif challenge

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This is a ruffly, two-inch wide tatted edging; this is one of my favorite motifs. Everything is a count of 4 double stitches, that makes it easy to remember. The only exception is the two picots on the chains at the bottom where you attach to the fabric that has two double stitches between them; same goes for the three picot in the top large ring on the trefoil. Check out the 25 motif tatting challenge; there is some real cool stuff that has been made. I guess that puts me at the little over half-way mark.

2 inch wide tatting


>I have made a few garlands the last few days and they are in the store. I am still making Valentine’s and Thanksgiving; then I will go on to Halloween and Mother’s Day. Those hearts for the Valentine one are taking me a little bit more time to make. All of the garlands are a little longer than 2 yards a piece.

Currently there are:

Patriotic (One)

patriotic garland

St. Patrick’s day ( seven)

St. Patrick's day garland

Easter ( one)

easter garland close up 2

Christmas (one)

christmas garland close up

close up baby boy garland