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peach kushi
my kusudama, originally uploaded by amaebi79.

I am looking for tutorials on this subject and any information you might have as to where to buy supplies for this. I am also wanting information as to which flowers and colors are worn in which months or seasons. I also started a group to try and gather information. If any one knows of a book in English that teaches this, or a tutorial in English on the internet, that would be great, as well.

I am wanting to learn this so I can make some for my daughters’ hair. They all have waist-length hair, and I think this is just lovely.

Thanks, sunshine

The two photos are by Amaebi79; her link is right below the photo or just click on the photos to go to her flickr page

Kanzashi. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

tutorials in Japanese that I really like:

1. Part 1
2. Part 2
3. Part 3
4. Part 4
5. Part 5