>bloggers busted

>Sorry about the weird colors, but blogger is doing weird things to my background. My background is supposed to be black, not white: this bites. I think blogger went on Holiday.

update: A few people seem to like blogger’s mistake, so I will leave it for a while and see if I like it.

>Baby Bonnet

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, originally uploaded by sunshine’s creations.

I started making a baby bonnet yesterday from scratch, and I am liking the way it is turning out. I was wondering if people liked it, too, and would be interested in me going back and drafting a pattern to place in my store. It would be available for download after a small fee. This of course is the back of the bonnet. I have started on the sides of the bonnet; that is where the thread is attached. If there is interest, I will do it; if not, I won’t.