>Kids art

>If anyone remembers, my kids entered a tree decorating contest at Christmas time. Well, they did not win first prise, but they are fine with that. They did win one of the other prises, and they think it is better than first prise. They get to have their tree in a magazine next year at Christmas time. How’s that for ages 6, 8, and 10. They got in a magazine 20 some-odd years before their mother did, age-wise that is. Because of this, yes Christmas is still up at our house because I haven’t had a chance to take good photos, yet; at least not ones I want to have the world see. They also got this prize in the mail as a thank you for entering. This is not my photo; someone at Mary Jane’s Farm took the photo, that is who hosted the contest.

Note posted on forum by Meg (Mary Jane’s Daughter)

We wanted to do something special for Sunshine’s little farmerettes that won an honorable mention in the Christmas Tree Contest. Their tree was so beautiful and all handmade by the three girls.Thanks for sharing your beautiful tree with us and watch the mail for a package!

MaryJane’s daughter,