>Map fun


Just playing around with maps. I wish the country map was more detailed because you can’t see some of the places I clicked on very well.

create your own visited countries map

create your own visited states map

>My Camera is Weird

>My camera keeps acting up lately. Some days it works fine; others, not at all; and sometimes it converts the pictures I take into unreadable files. This is one of three pictures I took while trying to see if my camera would let me take photos today. This is the only one that came out. Not half bad; I just wish it worked more regularly because I may end up with a cute picture of my kids that isn’t really there.

In case you are wondering, I collect Portuguese roosters and Swedish Dala horses. The little pigs are a gift from my older sister; three little pigs to represent my children, and one mae pig to represent me. These, too, are from Portugal.

>Valentine’s Past Due


Ornament wreath

We just put Christmas away yesterday, but my children still wanted to put Valentine’s Day up, even though it had passed. So even though this is after Valentine’s, here are a few decorations the kids had me put up. I know it isn’t much, but after the Christmas staying up a few months longer than expected due to me being so busy with their schools and all, I was worried if I put up much more it would never come down.