>Hex Adult Shirt

>This is the size small adult shirt. I have made actually two of these, one for me and one for the store. This is a pull-over top. This shirt is the same as the skirt in that it is not lined to give you ease in matching your clothes for the day; just wear a camisole or tank top of your choice in color. I think it has a soft feminine touch with jeans or a skirt. When paired with the matching crocheted skirt, it has a real nice 1950’s starlet look.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SisterDG
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 08:59:00

    >Oh, the whole set is so gorgeous! Elegant, vintagey, and I seriously bow to your superior crochet skills!


  2. Schorschi
    Mar 03, 2008 @ 13:48:00

    >So, can you show both pieces worn together? And why do you cut your head off?Is the pattern available somewhere? Or instructions on how to put the hexagons together to make the shirt and skirt?


  3. sunshine
    Mar 03, 2008 @ 15:57:00

    >for me sewing both the top and bottom together wouldn’t work as my top is two hexes smaller than my hips. so they would not match up very well. I cut my head off for the same reason I cut my legs off it had nothing to do with the shirt and that is what I was showing. There are other pictures of me on my blog so it isn’t like I am afraid of showing my face it just wasn’t part of what I was showing at the time.As for a pattern on the internet the pattern is in my head as to how to make it. Any hex pattern will work as long as they are big enough to form nice sleeves for the shirt. For the skirt any hex will work. As for layout of the pattern that all depends on your tension the size hook you use the size thread and the number of rows you make.


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