>Floral Cake


birthday cake flower

I made this today. It is a flower arrangement in the shape of a cake. It has a ruffle for the bottom, candles on top, and a rose in the middle with ribbons on the sides as frosting decorations. It is always kind of weird to make these types of arrangements because the stems on the flowers are only about 1 inch long. You feel like you are killing the flowers much faster than you should by making them so stubby. We have cake-like boxes these are delivered in to make them look more like a cake at presentation. You can even order them as just a slice of cake. Not sure I would ever order one of these, but thought it interesting to show and photograph. Not a great photo; sorry.

>Update for Turkish lace fans

>The nice lady who runs the site on Turkish crochet has agreed to let me use her stuff (crochet images); in trade, she gets to use my stuff (patterns and tutorials for this type of lace pulled from her images), as well. So in my spare time I’ll be doing that. Ha ha, like I have that; but, I am going to try real hard to find some so I can work on this.

Below are the first set of posts on her blog;some are not lace edgings. Those with stars I will be skipping. The images below are hers, not mine, to show you what I will be working on. I will work on some that are not edgings if it is a simple enough pattern. Because I am not able to hold the lace in my hand, my stitch count may not be the exact as hers because I cannot move the stitches around to see the hidden chains and things of that sort. But, the look will be similar and just as useful.