>This is budgie

>This is the school pet at my middle daughter’s school. We get to bird sit her for spring break because we are not going anywhere. The last time we bird sat her, she wouldn’t come out of her cage . Right now, as I am typing this, she is sitting on my head; yep ,that is my hair in the photo that I took a few seconds ago. Not the best photo. Now she is sitting on my hand trying to help me type. I am not sure which is better — in the cage or so at home that she is everywhere. Both are a lot distracting. It was depressing to have a bird so attached to her cage that she would never come out and peck at the cage door to go back in; now we have the opposite problem. At least she feels at home in our house this time. Ten days of this will be weird.

>Irish crochet bonnet



Progress on the back of the bonnet. There are a few more rounds for the back, and a round of roses (not totally made) for the back still, too, before I get to the brim. Pattern has been updated also.