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When I drop off my husband for work each morning I am usually greeted by this sight. These geese, and others that have a lot more color, and a bunch of mallard ducks are always at my husband’s work because there is a small river within 20 yards of the building, if not closer than that. The funny thing is, there are some real busy roads near his place of employment. I have seen traffic stop for a duck to waddle across the road. Doesn’t matter how much you honk or anything, they own this area and are not going to move for anyone. This morning these geese where having a tissy with each other; it was funny to watch, too.

sites at husbands work
start of arrangment my doodle

Today at my work I got to make this arrangement; it took forever because of the way these things are assembled. But it came out well; it isn’t quiet done in this photo because the bottom mums are still white and need to be blue. I ran out of floral paint, so the sister store had to send some over, and the florist after me put the finishing touches on it, I hope, after I left and before the customer arrived. If you are from Utah, or you are a member of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,” you probably know this is one of the symbols for BYU ( Bringham Young University).

arrangment almost done

>QA Questions and Answers

>I get lots of people who send me emails on how to do certain techniques or how to understand patterns. So I made a new label that is in my tags on the side bar labeled QA. As I get these questions answered, I will post them here so others can find them easily and so the person with the question can find it easily most of all. I went back into all my old posts and added the QA label to 15 of them to help people find answers from the past.

(Hope this helps!)