>Part 4: Braided Rug Apple peals

>r = right
m = middle
l = left

There are two ways of starting this type of braid once you have a t start

The version I use is listed first; the second version, the one I don’t use, is listed second. Both work great.

Start with the apple peel itself.

  1. r over mr over m
  2. r over m (make sure when you are braiding you are keeping the raw edges turned inside so that it continues to have the shape you stitched closed without the extra stitches).r over m again
  3. l over m, pull hard on the piece of the braid that was left over middle 1 complete apple peel made, this picture. The one below shows one more step than indicated in instructions above; it shows the next r over m , r over m as well as the l over m talked about above, then the second apple peel is started with 2 r over ml over m r over m r over m
  4. Do 8 of these, including the first one in the 8. If done correctly, on the left side of the braid will only be two colors where the right side has all three but one color is ever other twist.8 apple peals
  5. Then start plain braiding, r over m, l over m; keep braid tight and firm. This isn’t like hair where you want a long braid, but a short stocky braid. Make sure you are turning in your raw edges.now braiding straight seams to left

If I can get my husband to do it for me, I will make a little video later and add it to this post showing how to turn ends in while braiding.

Version 2:

  1. Start with normal braid (r over m, l over m) then start “apple peel” (see above).

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