>Basic floral

>All but the first of these I made for the cooler. The first was a special order, and the person had this arrangement in mind. It is over 2 1/2 feet tall, just doesn’t look like it in the photo. I forgot to take pictures of the cooler arrangements before I put them in the cooler. So, these have their price tags on them which I usually put on the arrangement after the photo because I think it is sort of tacky in photos. OH well, I am tacky today.
Special order:

for order I like this one


bright summer arrangement

 rose and daisy and mini carn

daisy bouquet

bright summer arrangement  for cooler

>I have pictures

>So two USB ports and a memory card reader all went bad at the same time. It is a good thing the computer has 4 more USB ports; It’s just harder to access the two on top and the two on the back of the machine. But, hey, I don’t care. I have pictures again!

Arrangements for the cooler:



Arrangement for an anniversary:

Arrangment for a funeral:



>Nope, there isn’t a bear in my blog, just me mad at my computer. It doesn’t want to talk to my memory card all of a sudden. It did this a few months ago, too. Sometimes I think computers get cranky, if that is possible. If not, at least I get cranky when they do this to me. Sorry no pretty flowers from yesterday; they are sitting in my camera and will post after I figure out how to get them off of my camera and on to my computer.

>New bobbins



I just got these in the mail this week all the way from the UK. I helped a nice lady identify some lace. As a thank you, she sent me these bobbins. I could not be more thrilled! They are all so lovely. These are Midland spangled English bobbins. She even sent them already spangled. I am just so excited I can’t even explain it. These are used in making bobbin lace; they hold the thread before it is crossed and twisted together, a sort of weaving.


>I can’t get a hold of you for some reason; my emails keep getting returned. Please email me your address so I can mail you an apron. I also have a few questions for you. Thanks. I will delete this post after I get an email from you; thanks

>Another work day = flowers


butterfly 3

It was a real busy day today, so i didn’t get time to take pictures of all the flowers I did that I liked because there were two weddings. I only took a photo of one piece, the other had eight bouquets and not one photo of those. Bummer. But I still got a few photos here and there.

butterfly 2

This first one I really like, thus three photos. Funny, when I put it in the front cooler to sell I didn’t realize that I had placed it in the spots where the cooler’s fan blows. I walked past a little while later and the butterfly was wigging; had to take a double take — the fan was making it move. I thought that was funny and I liked it to. So, yep, I left it there to wiggle.

butterfly 1

I like the vase on this one and the white flowers. White flowers are my favorite of all flowers.

cool vase

I sort of like this, but I’m not totally happy with it mainly because the pain this arrangement caused my wrists. By the time I got to this one, my wrist was killing me. Now because I have to use my left hand as my right it is now hurting because it isn’t use to it. My coordination went way down, and I even had a hard time just holding the flowers without dropping them by this time of the day.


Just curious — do people like or dislike me posting flowers? I want to document this part of my life because it is always so fleeting. I make it and it is either for sale or already sold, and then it is gone in one or two days or in 1 hour to be delivered. My family, kids, never get to see what I make, so I mainly post this for them but thought others might like it, too.


>Here are some of today’s floral. I decided to take pictures of some of the smaller arrangements I made today.


>Part 4: Russian nesting Doll

>These belong to my youngest daughter, the butterfly girl. She owns 5.

Set of 5, all about reptiles.
set of 5
Set of five, all frog princes’ littlest even has a Lilly pad.
set of 5
Traditional set of 5.
set of 5
Another traditional set of 5.
set of 5
This one has seen better days; this is a grandmother’s set. Meaning everyone lives in the main piece, not inside each other. Halloween theme, of course.
set of 11 grandmother style

>Orange, pumpkin, tomatoes, and berries


the girls

So, today was another day off so we made the girl’s big pin cushions. I made a large orange, my oldest made a pumpkin, and the youngest two made hot-pink velvet tomatoes.

My oldest and myself have already put ours to use. The other girls, I am sure, will load theirs up soon with supplies. I made the youngest two’s for them and they stuffed them, but my oldest made hers. For a first try, I think it came out pretty good.

>Part 3: Russian Nesting Dolls

>These belong to my middle daughter; she owns 8 sets.

Her Halloween set is in the best shape, but still has issues; 11 pieces.
halloween set
Strawberry set (I think this is adorable) 5 pieces.
stawberry set traditional
Wood burning and gold set; five pieces.
gold and burned set traditional
Traditional set; five peices.
traditional set
Traditional set; five pieces.
traditional set
School set; five pieces.
school set
Bear family set; five pieces.
bear family set
Mermaid set; five pieces.
mermaid set

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