>Granddaddies rug and other things


A rug I made for granddaddy

We went to Granddaddy’s funeral and viewing in Nevada on the 4 and 5th. It was a lovely ceremony. While we were at his house, I decided to take a photo of this rug. I made this for Granddaddy a while back. There is a story with this rug, as there is with all of the rugs I make. I usually only make rugs for other people as either a Christmas gift or a thank you gift. This one was a thank you. My husband and I where coming from California, hauling furniture. Just outside of St. George, Utah, the bearings broke and the wheel came off of the trailer. We were traveling in two cars; we, the children and myself, gave my husband all the babies’ blankets and a pillow and traveled on to home, four hours away, in the middle of the night and a snow storm. A very long drive all by myself; I was exhausted, and my phone was near dead so we couldn’t stay on the phone talking to him. I had to pull over a few times to sleep for a few minutes so I could continue on home. All this is nothing compared to leaving my husband on the side of a ravine with about 8 inches of land then a cliff on one side of him and about 6 inches on the other side of the vehicle from all the cars passing by. I was so scared he was going to be hit and get shoved into the ravine. We called Granddaddy, who lived a little over an hour the other side of St. George. In the morning he came with hot food for my husband. Best breakfast he ever had because it was a cold, long night on the side of the road. Granddaddy, being who he was, looked at it and figured out how to fix it and sent my husband on his way. That is just who he was and we love him for it. This rug is in Granddaddy’s front room; it matches a quilt in the room that the families gave him and grandma for their 50th wedding anniversary, which was 1 week before I got married. My name is on the quilt, but there was a debate at the time because we were not quite married, yet. I am glad I was added to the quilt.

Granddaddy was in the army, so I put old army blankets in it for the green. This is one of the very first rugs I made; that is why it doesn’t have a butted row, same as my husband’s.

>Day 18 of an apron a day….



I love this apron, and it’s so ingenious! I have thought of doing this but haven’t ever done it yet (I think all the embroidered aprons are my favorites). It is a revamped napkin turned into an apron. I have a few old napkins, so this one’s style is easy to copy. May not be the same dimensions, but that isn’t so important to me on this one. However, I did take the exact measurements so if I want it the same, I can do that, too. The pocket is made from the removed corner piece, so it is made out of three pieces of material; two are from the napkin itself.

Not sure on the era on this one, but the pointed apron style was popular in the 1950’s.