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>Day 22 of an apron a day….



Take a double take. Yep, there are two of this apron; one complete and one in stages of completion. The second one that is partly done my sister-in -aw who watches my children found in a bag of fabric scraps. The fabric is actually a panel; the big polka dots at the top of the apron are the top of the panel. Too bad we do not have all the pieces to the second one to make it original. There is another apron later you will see that there are two ofo as well; one done and one not, but those two are not identical in fabric as this one is. This is one of those pin-to-your- bodice-type aprons that I showed earlier in the apron series. I think it would be fun to make an apron like this but to use rare-earth magnets to keep it up instead of pinning it all the time. I just love the fabric in this apron; I wish I could go to the store and buy this fabric to use these days. Four pieces of fabric make up this apron.
pin on bodice apron
not finished twin

The fabric is confusing me on this because this type of apron is from 1900 to 1920’s but the fabric looks a little later in date. If someone could help me date these two, I would appreciate it because I am confused; it could be as late as 1950 because of the fabric. I guess this fabric style could have been used much earlier. I just don’t know. That all said, I think it is from the late 1920’s to early 1930’s