>Made to order.. An apron a day

>OK, I promised to post what apron you could win. I decided to sort of let you pick which. Below is a list of the aprons I am willing to reproduce for the lucky winner. These will not be the originals that I posted that belonged to GGH, but ones I make from the patterns that I pulled.

DAY 1, DAY2, DAY3, DAY 4, day 5 not doing because of my hand, DAY 6, day 7 not doing because of my hand, DAY 8, DAY 9, DAY 10, DAY11, DAY12, DAY13, DAY 14, DAY 15, DAY 16, DAY 17, DAY 18, DAY 19, DAY 20, DAY21, DAY22, DAY23, DAY2 4, DAY 25, day 26 not doing because of my hand, DAY 27, DAY 28, DAY 29, DAY 30

If a day reads “not doing because of my hand,” that means I am not giving you the choice of that day. Aprons with embroidery I can either draw the pattern on for you and let you embroider or leave blank so you can add whatever pattern of embroidery you want to your apron, or use a patterned fabric so embroidery wouldn’t be needed.

None of you have seen this, but my wrist has been in a bandage for almost two weeks; that is why I have only been posting aprons. I can’t do much at the moment with my right hand without pain; because I am right handed, this is a problem. So I hope it is OK that I don’t embroider or do chicken scratch or smocking. If it has machine embroidery, as one hostess apron did, that will just be ignored completely because I don’t own a machine that can do that; wish I did.

Remember when making your choice it is the shape and style of pattern you are picking. I am not making plastic aprons; I will use cotton cloth for those. So find your favorite style. If an apron was the pin-on style and you want apron straps around the neck, I will gladly add them to make it more useful to you. Because these are not exact reproductions ,I may make some modifications to the straps and such to make them fit better. Also, remember some are children’s aprons so they won’t fit a normal-size adult; if you are supper petite, they may.

Also realize they only come in the size of the original pattern. GGH was not a large woman, so please keep that in mind when picking an apron. Tie around the waist will work better for a larger person than the over-the-heads.

There is less than a day and a half left to enter the drawing; the link is on the side bar. Have fun!

>Day 29 of an apron a day….



Another embroidered apron. This is a very lovely, well-used apron. The funny thing about this one is that the second butterfly never got its wings before the apron went into full use. This is another apron my youngest daughter would love. I am not sure as to what size person would wear this apron; it seems to be more child-like in size, about a 10 or 12 year old, but the straps are too long and have been extended. So I am thinking it was GGh when she was a girl, and her mom kept letting it out as she grew.


I love the old yellow edging on this apron. I have some, somewhere in my studio; I don’t think mine is yellow, though. The trim comes from the time of 1910-1920.


So, I would guess the trim pretty well dates this apron as well as the style of the apron. It can be as late as the early 1930’s as we all keep things in our stashes for a while or I wouldn’t have trims that almost 100 years old in my sewing room even though I am only in my 30’s.