>Orange, pumpkin, tomatoes, and berries


the girls

So, today was another day off so we made the girl’s big pin cushions. I made a large orange, my oldest made a pumpkin, and the youngest two made hot-pink velvet tomatoes.

My oldest and myself have already put ours to use. The other girls, I am sure, will load theirs up soon with supplies. I made the youngest two’s for them and they stuffed them, but my oldest made hers. For a first try, I think it came out pretty good.

>Part 3: Russian Nesting Dolls

>These belong to my middle daughter; she owns 8 sets.

Her Halloween set is in the best shape, but still has issues; 11 pieces.
halloween set
Strawberry set (I think this is adorable) 5 pieces.
stawberry set traditional
Wood burning and gold set; five pieces.
gold and burned set traditional
Traditional set; five peices.
traditional set
Traditional set; five pieces.
traditional set
School set; five pieces.
school set
Bear family set; five pieces.
bear family set
Mermaid set; five pieces.
mermaid set