>Lavender lace done… more lace…quilt



I have finished my ball of thread; it is always amazing to me how little lace a ball of thread actually makes. Never as much as you would think using size 10 thread and size 6 hook. Pattern one made a tiny bit over 2 yards. The photo above has the wrong color for the lace; the one to the left is more accurate. Did not know my daughter was taking my picture as I finished the lace; I was focusing on what I was doing. I am not actually frowning; boy, that is not a flattering photo!

On to pattern two in the same book. I am just using what is left of a ball to make this one, so I probably won’t even get two yards.


I’m also helping my daughter with the quilt she is making. That is her to the left in bed reading Harry Potter books for the second go-round. She has had it, the quilt, on my quilt frame for a few years, and I have my quilts that need to be quilted that are in a back log. So I figure if I help her, she will have her quilt and be able to use it this fall, and I will be able to get some of my own quilting done.