>pattern 3 and 4 from 111 easy edgings

>I started this one yesterday while I was in meetings at my kids school, getting ready for the new year. In the break times, I worked on this lace. I have lots of this thread; it was a real big ball, so it will be fun to see how long this one gets. Also, on a side note, I am doing all of these laces in roughly size 10 thread and a size 6 hook so I can compare their finished sizes. It’s always hard to see in a book how big or little they are in relation to each other.

lace number 3 pineapple

I also started and finished edging four. I used an antique pearl cotton for it that only had 65 yards on a ball, so I got about 2 feet of lace. That much lace is still useful for aprons and crazy quilts and things of that sort.

lace number 4 in antique pearl cotton
vintage thread size 5 pearl cotton
Even though I will be working on number 3 for a while, I may start number 5 today, as well, to give me lots of stuff to work on in the car.