>letter art from Vavo = vote



This came in the mail today from my vavo. We get stuff like this about once a month from her; just thought it was cute, so I decided to post it.

>Playing with letters and embroidery



For a long time I have wanted our family name on an item. I dare you to find the name Harbaugh on anything. I am not counting football stuff; I know there is some football player with that as a last name, but that isn’t the type of thing I want. So today, yes day off, I sat down and was playing with these letters. I had to enlarge some as they don’t print out at the same size, but that is fine. I have my lay out and now I just need to transfer it to linen and embroider it, when I have time; that could be a while. Not sure if I want to do traditional redwork or put color in the flowers.

This is currently 6 inches tall and 36 inches wide. Once it gets a boarder buffer, I think that should be a nice size. Will probably be 10 inches by 40 inches, maybe a little more.