>After work, camping

>So Friday I went to work still not feeling the best but there and working. I made this one; it is similar to one I posted before.

sunflower topiary

That night we planned to go camping with our church group. The kids where excited, I knew I would still not feel too good, but I was happy to go, all the same. The first thing my littlest daughter found was a friend to play with. This seemed to be a big hit with the under-seven group of children in the families; they followed her around all night till she set them free. I felt so bad for the little guy, she wasn’t hurting him, mind you, but I am sure he must have been starving so I told her she had to let him be free. She was sad but wanted the caterpillar happy so she let it go.

fuzzy friend for a day

The next morning I felt a little better and watched the kids cook s’mores after breakfast; should have taken photos, it was pretty funny. I crocheted some on my yellow variegated lace; boy, that is taking forever — more thread than I thought in all those balls. But it will be fun to have so much yardage out of vintage thread.

We packed up to go home a little before lunch time. Boy did my kids look like little raga muffins before we left, but they had fun.

My husband did some mountain biking that morning, too. It was good to be out even if I wasn’t totally up to speed of socializing the night before. Once our tent was up I went straight to bed but, like I said earlier, I felt a little better in the morning.

We had gone up Provo canyon to Squaw Peak, and on the way down I took some photos of the flowers and views around; it was a lovely day.

wild flowers
wild flowers
wild flowers

Interesting to think in a matter of weeks this will all be in autumn colors.
This is looking down Rock Canyon to Utah Lake.

from squaw peek looking down rock canyon

This was just a pretty meadow I took a picture of. You can see Happy Valley, opps I meant Utah County (local nick name for the valley), in the background. Another angle of the same meadow.