>Happy Tears



Happy tears, sort of a weird thing. Today was the first day I didn’t teach, but because I had the day off of work, I helped at school (to give the new teacher all my records and get her up to date with the class and what they are studying), except I left for a few minutes to take my sick daughter to her aunt’s house. It was a hard day, to say the least. I cried both happy and sad tears today. Sad because I wanted to be teaching the students and be in the room with them during their class time, but that wouldn’t be fair to the new teacher. My oldest daughter’s class is across the hall from the two classes that had my students (I guess ex-students, now). So when school let out and the children came out, all my students saw me waiting for my daughter. Can I just say how great 2nd Graders are? They all said they missed me and wished I would come back and teach them and gave me hugs and told me they loved me (they thought I didn’t want to teach them any more). I explained if I could I would, and I would still be their sub if possible. I also explained that they should be kind to their new teacher and be good for her. They said they would but that they liked me better as a teacher; very sweet of them, but at that point I fell apart crying. I have done that way too much lately (including now). I told them whenever they see me in the halls they are welcome to say hi and give hugs. Even if I am not their teacher in class, they are still dear children to me.

old drawing (1986-1987)

The second to last day I taught, the students asked if they could see some drawings I did when I was young. These images I took from ads in the early 80’s when I was between 14-15 (ok, so I was young and the pictures look like it, but I think they are good for the age I was). One was, I think, a Chicago ballet ad and the other two are Christian Dior ads. They are not original ideas, but they are modified from the originals as the originals (the Dior ads) are photos of models and mine are stipple drawings. The ballet ad was water colors, where mine is prisma color pencils.

another dior add my version
dior add my version

>39 photos have been on explore

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1. Handmade lace box, 2. Romanian lace cord tutorial video, 3. Sils rug in progress, 4. Pin on apron, 5. New skirt, 6. The start of three dresses? or just shirts, 7. Christmas garland, 8. On tree,

9. Side by side, 10. Hung on tree, 11. Front without buttons but after star, 12. Knitting machines, 13. Kid airplane ornament, 14. Poinsettia / The journey, 15. Toile apron made by Aunt George, 16. More blooms,

17. Butterfly pillow, 18. Suzyhomemakers mini quilt is done, 19. This block is made by clare, 20. 1st finished butterfly for curtain, 21. 3rd butterfly on curtain, 22. lt and dk pink tatting, 23. Hex granny squares, 24. More antique tatting,

25. Antique tatting, 26. Front, 27. Redwork butterfly signature block, 28. Style d, 29. Layette set, 30. Crazy daisies, 31. Flower tutorial, 32. English Paper piecing tutorial,

33. Bubble gum pink quilt #1, 34. SRE = silk ribbon embroidery, 35. Lazy daisy week 3, 36. Temari, 37. Back side dove, 38. Felt ornament dove, 39. Felt snow man done, style: Christmas colors

>Long story short

>It didn’t happen for me; someone else gets to teach the children. At least I had fun with it for a month. Yes, it hurts, but it is nothing that will not pass; it did last time as long as I don’t talk about it much.

Thanks for thinking of me.
Take Care

>Value studies

>I was teaching Value studies today in art. So I brought in some things I did as a teenager as both good and bad examples of a value study. It was interesting asking students at a religious school what are values (mind you, these are 4th Graders). I did preface the question with the statement that it had nothing to do with morals, but they did not understand the question. After about ten students, a person got the answer correct. Then as we discussed pencil hardnesses and such and how to draw and what was a highlight in a graphite drawing and such, I could see the children light up as they figured it out. It was a very fun day teaching. I will find out probably tomorrow if I get to be their permanent teacher, or if this was just a fun event in my life. I do hope I get to be the children’s teacher; I so do love teaching them, and they are such great students. Pray for me because it will be real hard to not get this a second time. I cried for a few days the first go round; it will be harder this time after having actually taught the children.

All the drawings and lithography below are my work, mostly from when I was a teenager, that I used as examples today. These are some of the drawings and such I posted today in class; some never got completed when I was young.

Good example of a value study
value study
Hand value studies
value study
value studies
value study
Face value studies, first one not as good as the second
face studies
eye study in value
Pencil and chalk drawing
pencil and chalk drawing
Example of incomplete work and a good example of a bad example of values (nose disappears).
unfinished drawing
Another good example of a bad example; see the face disappears into the background, also an incomplete work.
drawing of a clown of mine
High contrast value study
high contrast study
Seeing in reverse value study (there was a mirror used for 1/3 of the image)
working from a mirror as a teen
Good example of a value study
value study drappery
Good example of a value study
value study crumped paper
Good example of a value study
value study
Good example of a value study (lithograph image Title “Tree of Life,” did this as an adult at BYU)
litho-graph tree of life

My classroom

70% of room
sink area art room
art room my point of view
art room
art room ( students point of view)

>Meet Angelina….


You would think with having little girls we wouldn’t end up with pets like this.
Angelina praying-mantis

This is definitely a girl; she had a mate (that the girls also caught and put in the cage). She hugged him according to my children (mated) then she ate him and laid an egg. Yep, definitely a girl. This is not the same praying-mantis as the other day; that was another one they wanted to keep. I wouldn’t let them have that many. Plus this one is bigger and would just end up eating another one.



>First day of Fall


fall tree

Today is the first day of fall, and it was gray this morning and raining. I guess nature wanted to make sure we all knew it was fall in Utah.

The photo is from last fall on Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

>The my Picot links seem to work again

>I tried the links again this morning, and they are working again. I don’t know why their site went down over the weekend, but it is back now. So go to the previous post and check out some cool crochet.

>Gorgeous patterns and free too

>I discovered a site, My picot, I have not seen before; I am only going to post a few links from it. Please go check out the site; do a lot of searching, it has some amazing free crochet patterns. On her blog if you look through all the posts you will find some other nice clothing patterns: hat, shirt, shirts and so on. She also has conversion charts and tutorials , specialty patterns, just an all around great site.

On a neat side note:
Have you checked out Martha Stewart’s blog? She has a contest for bloggers to enter.


>My camera battery was lost so I didn’t get to take photos of these arrangements until after they had been placed in the front cooler. It has strange lighting for photos, so not the best, plus I tried to mask other arrangements around the ones I made.

Cool vase

bud vase

Very expensive and nice vase


I made the one in front, Shay made the one in back.

bud vase

>SARAH LONDON’s Afghans and a quilt

>If you have never been to Sarah London’s blog please check it out; such lovely colors every where. I especially like her several posts on wool eater afghans with patterns and tutorials. Here are some links for you below. I will not post any of her pictures — I want it to be a nice surprise when you see the afghans.

Her hawaiian flowers afghan:

  1. Hawaiian flowers
  2. Hawaiian flowers tutorial with pictures
  3. Joining flowers

Her loop loop afghan:

  1. Loopy lou afghan starter
  2. Edging and joining

Her square in the corner afghan:

  1. Visual of granny square easy enough to make from photo if you know how to make grannies, but it has a twist. l

Crochet conversion from UK/ Australia to American

  1. Conversion chart

Wool eater afghan

  1. Wool eater pattern
  2. Her flickr group on this blanket

Her hex granny, loop loop and weave afghans:

  1. Hip to hook

Selvedge star (string quilt):

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3

Have fun looking at the eye candy, maybe even start a few to get rid of your yarn and fabric scraps.

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