>Happy Tears



Happy tears, sort of a weird thing. Today was the first day I didn’t teach, but because I had the day off of work, I helped at school (to give the new teacher all my records and get her up to date with the class and what they are studying), except I left for a few minutes to take my sick daughter to her aunt’s house. It was a hard day, to say the least. I cried both happy and sad tears today. Sad because I wanted to be teaching the students and be in the room with them during their class time, but that wouldn’t be fair to the new teacher. My oldest daughter’s class is across the hall from the two classes that had my students (I guess ex-students, now). So when school let out and the children came out, all my students saw me waiting for my daughter. Can I just say how great 2nd Graders are? They all said they missed me and wished I would come back and teach them and gave me hugs and told me they loved me (they thought I didn’t want to teach them any more). I explained if I could I would, and I would still be their sub if possible. I also explained that they should be kind to their new teacher and be good for her. They said they would but that they liked me better as a teacher; very sweet of them, but at that point I fell apart crying. I have done that way too much lately (including now). I told them whenever they see me in the halls they are welcome to say hi and give hugs. Even if I am not their teacher in class, they are still dear children to me.

old drawing (1986-1987)

The second to last day I taught, the students asked if they could see some drawings I did when I was young. These images I took from ads in the early 80’s when I was between 14-15 (ok, so I was young and the pictures look like it, but I think they are good for the age I was). One was, I think, a Chicago ballet ad and the other two are Christian Dior ads. They are not original ideas, but they are modified from the originals as the originals (the Dior ads) are photos of models and mine are stipple drawings. The ballet ad was water colors, where mine is prisma color pencils.

another dior add my version
dior add my version

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Danetta
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 18:10:00

    >You are an amazing artist. The children you taught for a little while and your children are blessed to have you teaching them. I really believe it will work out for you to teach. I don’t know why it didn’t happen this time but I do believe it will for you soon.


  2. Aunt Jenny
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 18:40:00

    >I agree..second graders are great. I have been subbing in second grade last week and this week too and will sure miss this class when the time is over and their teacher comes back. Friday will be my last day in there…she is gone elk hunting. I feel bad that you didn’t get the job teaching art but I bet something will happen soon for you in that area..you are so talented!! Have a great week Sunshine!!


  3. bunches of yarn
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 20:30:00

    >Oh, (((Sunshine))) You did what you were supposed to do. Be a part of those sweet little children, and share your great talent with them.^__^


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