>Trick or Treat

I hope you have a safe evening out with the kids.

>Wanted old Mary Engelbreit magazines

>especially the real old ones; happy to send handmade crochet lace yardage for each one.

* If you send me one, I will send one lace (over 2 yards); if you send two magazines I will send two different colors of hand-made crochet laces (might be the same pattern or different) and so on, but they have to be the mags on this list that I don’t have in order fo you to get the lace,

*Or, I can pay for the shipping on them,

whichever you prefer, lace or money.

They are published by-monthly (each edition is two months) so the end of the year, December, and the start of the next year, January, are in the same mag issue.

If you are interested in doing a trade, my email is on the right side bar where it reads “my email” right below the map and right above the popular pages list.

Looking for:


  • feb/mar
  • apr/may
  • june/july
  • aug/sep
  • dec/jan 99


  • apr/may
  • june/july
  • aug/ sep
  • oct/nov


  • feb/ mar
  • apr/may
  • june/july
  • dec/jan 01


  • oct/nov


  • dec/jan 04


  • jun/july
  • oct/nov
  • dec/jan 06

>Day 34 of an apron a day….

>This is the last apron unless we find more; you never know at this point. This one is nothing fancy, but it was full of love (my mother-in-law now owns it because it is her children represented on it). My husband’s family made it in 1980 (oh, that was an easy one to date for once). Not all of his family is represented on this apron because they had not all been born yet. Like I said, nothing fancy just a bar-b-que apron, but lots of love from little kids for their Grandmother.

Photo taken by my mother-in-law

>Happy Halloween

I hope you have a lovely Halloween full of fun, laughter and love with your family, friends and neighbors.

>Day 33 of an apron a day….


vintage apron

I decided to post two aprons of GGH today because they are so similar. These two are purchased, one made from toweling. They look to be from the 60’s to 70’s from the patterns on the towels and the colors.

vintage apron

There is one more apron she had that was given to her in the 1980’s; will post that one tomorrow.

>Some flowers from today

>Today I had a few funerals to make. I made other things too, just didn’t take photos of them.

(yellow one is for a man, the other is for a woman)

for a man
for a girl

Easel for a man:

for a man

>Day 32 of an apron a day….



This, I think, is the third true smock apron in the collection; yesterday was the second, and the first was posted in July. This type of apron is slipped on by pulling your arms forward and then it is tied in back with nothing going over the head, so nothing pulls on your neck. It has two pockets and is made up of 7 pieces of fabric, not counting bindings. This is a very practical apron because it covers most of your upper clothing. Just not a very fun style to look at, but that is easily changed with fabric choices and embellishments. This apron has seen a lot of use.


This apron style was popular from the 30 – 60’s. But this is more than likely the 40’s.

I was a substitute teacher yesterday for the Second Grade class I used to teach. It was real fun to see the children again and get to say bye-bye to them this time. I also had them write their names on an apron for me to keep. Sad 4 students were absent so I didn’t get their names. May not be a pretty start to an apron to any body but me, but I love it. I used a pattern I drafted off of one of GGH aprons minus the flaps and pocket. Still have to add the waistband and ties to it; will probably do that this weekend.

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