>Old Art : elementary grades


string art picture 1st grade of K-grade

Because of the recent events, I have been looking at my old portfolios and decided it might (I did say might ) be fun to show you all some of the stuff in them. I took a lot of human life drawing classes in college and at the university. Most of those have either been cropped or are not going to be posted (not family friendly, and I will not even show my children them, either). If I do show something that offends, let me know and I will gladly remove it because I have a few drawings I am not sure would offend or not. But those won’t happen for many days on the blog; they are of wood nymphs that live in trees.

Just for fun, let’s go real old first .

Above is the oldest piece I have; it is either 1st Grade or K-Grade. It is just string art where you dip a string in paint, lay it on a paper, fold the paper in half and pull the string. I did two strings, obviously, as the are two colors;don’t know where the mirror image one is.

Below is a drawing from 4th grade, I entered it in an art contest at the mall which had entries from all over the state. I got first place for my grade level. It has been damaged over the years; how sad is that.

drawing from when I was in 4th grade