>My older sisters from back when

>This is stuff my older sister drew for me when I was a child. The first three got water damage in storage, but I still very much like them.

my birthday gift at 14
80's shoes
ballet shoes
Clown was a birthday gift.
another birthday gift at 13
My sister made this when she was 12 years old, almost thirteen, and I was 9, almost 10. It was a birthday gift, too.
my sister 12 years old
I don’t have drawings from her as she got older, and I don’t think she draws any more, but she was real good as a young adult; she did lots of fashion stuff.

>Art the High School Years

>It is amazing to me how little of my old art I still own. In high school I gave most of it to friends as a thank you, get well, or a happy birthday. So I have only a small selection of what I actually did; the same is true for the college and university levels. When I was a student I didn’t have much room, so if someone liked something I did I usually gave it to them.

ink drawing

My three favorite colors my whole life.

pen and ink
positive ink drawing
negative ink drawing

Made the red one first ,then the positive and negative in black and white. They had been one picture, the two black and white ones. Later I separated them when one got damaged. The positive was the left and the negative the right image, originally.

value study

Teacher supplied prop, I didn’t drink soda then or now. This was a value study and a still life of desk, soda can, and gum wrapper.


Just a pencil drawing.

oil on canvas

Oil paint on canvas, the only surviving painting from high school.

oil pastel
oil pastel

Oil pastels.
Did an entire series on these in high school, about 60 different ones. These are the only two left. I also did a series on vintage clowns; don’t seem to have any of those, now. I will have to look maybe I have a different portfolio somewhere, misplaced over the years.

white prisma color

Oriental mask, prisma color pencils.

prismacolor pencils

Old Dior ad; this image is used again in the university level but for acrylic / water color studies. It is sad to me that this one got damaged in the middle of the image. This image is made using prisma color pencils.

On a Halloween note.

graphite/ white prisma color & ink ( the mouth is ink)

If I remember there was an image similar to this in one of my brother’s D&D books, and it was Halloween time my junior year of high school. My art teacher was having a contest; this was my entry. I won and got a box of art pencils for it.