>my weekend in photos


Coming down the canyon, snow starting to fall (yes I have a cracked windshield) and look at all the pretty fall-colored leaves on the trees. Woke up Sunday to snow all around, and the kids made their traditional haunted ginger bread house. The kit looks very similar to last year’s Easter kit rather than one for Halloween.


>It is not a garage/basement sale


This is what my basement looks like at the moment. My extended family (my father-in-law, mother-in- law, uncle-in- law, and aunt- in-law) are trying to go through GGH stuff. I have an empty basement, so it seemed like a good place to do this, especially since, yes, there is snow outside. Found a few more of GGH aprons; will post them later. For now, this is my basement ’till most of it is gone through tonight. It was so neat unpacking all the boxes that have been stored for about 5 years. The trunks had been in storage since about 1930; real neat opening them up. Such pretty, old photos; too bad they are not named, so we do not know who the family members are. Sad, most of her items got tossed in the quick move, but I think a lot of the important stuff is here, like her handwork; stacks and stacks of handwork, both hers and her mother’s. Sorry, bad lighting in an unfinished basement. Just so you know, the linens are not actually sitting on the floor; there is a tarp between them and the dirty cement.