>These are a few watercolor studies and practice examples. Meaning they are not meant to look like things, just learning how the materials worked and flowed. There are a few with images near the bottom of this post.

Color wheel:

color wheel
wet on wet shading study
playing with colors ( wet on wet)
playing with wetr and dry
dry tecnique and wet tecniques
playing with wet on wet
free flow color blending

wet and dry area
With imagery studies:

masking study
dry study

Kiwi study:
kiwi study

Leaf study (at one time the painted leaf and the real leaf looked the same, then the real leaves, of course, turned more brown and started to disintegrate):
colro study of leaves ( one is real and one is painted)

My old sofa and plants in the apartment where I lived before I got married:
old sofa and plants