>Finishing GGH aprons

>There are a few of GGH ‘s aprons that have never been completed. Before the family goes through them, I am finishing the undone ones so there are more to pick from and so those that don’t sew will not get something they cannot use. The first one to be completed is this hostess apron, seen before like this first picture below; the only thing sewn was the pocket on one of the flaps (sorry to say, it wasn’t sewn well either, but because that was GGH’s work I left it that way).

not finished apron

We found the original bias tape that she had used on the pocket in her sewing stuff, so it was used to complete the project. It now looks like this. Because the lower photo was taken at 11 p.m., the upper photo is true to color, not the one below.

unfinished apron of GGH is now done

>picot clover lace


picot clover lace

Finished this; made about 5 yards of lace. Doesn’t look like much all rolled up, but the pattern is here if you are interested.

clover picot edging

>Note to self … and floral


Sorry I am actually just posting this so I can keep track of this site. There are a few tools on this page I want and can’t afford at the moment. You’re welcome to look if you like sewing tools.

Also, here is some floral work I have done recently for your viewing pleasure.

The easel, in case you are wondering, was a $400.00 piece, and the other was $80.00 of orchids. Both fun to make.


Other arrangements I have made recently:


fall pumpkin
fall arrangment
crystal pumpkin

For cooler:

for cooler
for cooler
nice and tall pastels


halloween lantern
vampire mug