>My Butterflygirl has an apron

My baby who isn’t so little any more has a birthday this week and wanted an apron for the last few months. She even bought two fat quarters with her tooth-fairy money so she could have an apron. Of course two fat quarters were not quiet enough to make a full apron for her, so I let her go through my fabric and pick one more fabric so she added a tan fabric to the two fabrics she already had. I think she did a good job picking out fabrics.

The Amy Buttler fabric my daughter picked because it reminded her of butterflies; as for the other fabric, I have no idea what company it is, but she liked it so that was all that mattered.

butterflygirls new apron for birthday

When I was making it she said she wanted it to be her birthday present. So when I wanted to use her as a mannequin to see if it fit, she walked into the room where I was working on it with her eyes closed in order to not spoil the surprise. Totally cute considering she picked out the fabrics and the pattern, but she didn’t want to see where I placed everything on it ’till it was done (yes, that square is a pocket) because she said it was to be a surprise. She even made me wrap it so it would be a present.

She is very proud of this apron. I finished it before church on Sunday, and she liked it so much she wore it to church over her dress. She said because she wore a pink dress to church it matched so it was OK to wear an apron to church. She was having so much fun with it I didn’t mind at all. She wore the apron all day ’till bed time; she may have even worn it to bed for all I know.

I didn’t make the embroidery in the background; I bought it from an old neighbor of ours years ago. I really like the doll; it was found at a thrift store. She is hand made got her a few years back too for $5.00.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TattingChic
    Nov 02, 2008 @ 19:20:00

    >Her apron is darling! She did a great job picking out fabric! What a lovely mix of patterns!


  2. GardenGoose
    Nov 04, 2008 @ 18:21:00

    >a Happy Birthday to your little gal. the apron is adorable. hope you and yours are having a good week.


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