>Seam three, half way done

>I had some help today from my three little girls while doing the third seam on the cathedral windows blocks. I pinned and chain-sewed, and the girls turned and pulled out the corners. We got about 1/2 of the blocks done; this is probably one of the slower steps.

My chain:

chain sewing

Littlest daughter’s helping hands (7yrs) turning to right-side out:

youngest daughters hands

Middle daughter’s helping hands (9 yrs) turning to right-side out:

middle daughters hands

Oldest daughter’s hurt helping hands (almost 11 yrs) (she hurt her hands crashing on a bike at her cousins’ house the other day). She is using a pin to pull out the corners after they have been turned right-side out:

oldest daughters hands

Where they stand at the moment:

sewn turned and ironed


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