>If you want to 12 day someone


poinsettia / The journey

I posted the Journey back in 2006; there are two pages of posts that are in this topic. Go to the oldest post first and then read through them to the newest post. It is a 12-day thing, too, but instead of taking food to people you take a piece of a nativity each night to the family or person you are twelve daying. I will post more of these as we get into the season. My MIL has sent me two versions that her family did as my husband grew up; they called it pixieing (you know, like pixie dust). You knock on the door and run like crazy to not get caught. I am posting a link on the side bar labeled Christmas 12 days I will add The journey and the current 12 daying happening to me and the ones my MIL sent as I post them to this, so if people want to come back and find them easily they can. Under popular tutorials I have also posted a Poinsettia with these same links; either way works to find all the 12 dayed items.

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