>Vavo and Nono

>As most of you know, I am a florist. What you may not know is that I have a lot of florist relatives, ie: my aunt, a few cousins, a sister, and last but not least, both of my grand- parents. My Vova and Nono owned two different flower shops, and I grew up in those shops as well as all the other people I mentioned. It was just a family business, and we all helped out. The part that was great was that when one shop closed, they joined forces in the other and became a very strong team at work and at home. They had this great team at home and at work and always seemed to love their work. I can’t always say that is true for me when I have been a florist over the years, but I still love arranging flowers and that is the gift I will have forever from them, a couple who always loved each other. I miss my Nono very much; he died while I was in collage.

My Vova is still alive, but I don’t get to see her as much as I would like. She is still an amazing woman and a great role model to her entire family.
The last photo is my Vavo and one of my cousins at a floral convention. I love the way she sticks an anthirium in her hair; she loves anthirium and has always placed them in her hair like that, especially around Christmas time. The two pictures above it are my grandparents, also at floral conventions. The top two pictures are from flower shows and floral exhibits that my grandparents did.