>42 on explore

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42 on explore, originally uploaded by sunshine’s creations.

1. oriental butterfly, 2. butterfly, 3. handmade lace box, 4. lace number 3 pineapple, 5. romanian lace cord tutorial video, 6. sils rug in progress, 7. pin on apron, 8. new skirt,

9. the start of three dresses? or just shirts, 10. Christmas garland, 11. on tree, 12. side by side, 13. hung on tree, 14. front with out buttons but after star, 15. knitting machines, 16. poinsettia / The journey,

17. kid airplane ornament, 18. toile apron made by aunt george, 19. more blooms, 20. butterfly pillow, 21. suzyhomemakers mini quilt is done, 22. This block is made by clare, 23. 1st finished butterfly for curtain, 24. 3rd butterfly on curtain,

25. lt and dk pink tatting, 26. hex granny squares, 27. antique tatting, 28. more antique tatting, 29. front, 30. redwork butterfly signature block, 31. style d, 32. layette set,

33. crazy daisies, 34. flower tutorial, 35. English Paper piecing tutorial, 36. bubble gum pink quilt #1, 37. SRE = silk ribbon embroidery, 38. lazy daisy week 3, 39. temari, 40. back side dove,

41. felt ornament dove, 42. felt snow man done, style:christmas colors

These are all photos that are currenly on explore or have been on it in the past.


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