>A Hair Cut sorta

>This isn’t much of a hair cut, but since I haven’t cut my hair in about 15 years, it is for me. I have trimmed it in that time, but now I have bangs again, so what do you think? I know, too late to change it back now; I’m just curious. I felt like I was starting to look old and I didn’t like it. So I went back to the hair cut I had 15 years ago when my husband and I got married. I know, not much different at all. The photo on the left was three months ago, the photo on the right is today.

16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amanda
    Jan 22, 2009 @ 17:48:00

    >I think the bangs make you look younger!


  2. craftydiane
    Jan 22, 2009 @ 18:09:00

    >I like the bangs. Definitely makes you look younger!Have a Blessed Day,Diane


  3. LDH
    Jan 22, 2009 @ 19:39:00

    >very cute ~ I like the bangs a lot 🙂


  4. Olde Dame Penniwig
    Jan 22, 2009 @ 23:26:00

    >You look so wonderful with the bangs, it brings out your eyes extremely well and your whole face is framed beautifully.


  5. Judith
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 01:26:00

    >Definitely the new you, not sure what bangs are but take it means fringe. I like it, its a winner in my books.


  6. AnaIsa
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 05:21:00

    >Wise decision… You look much younger… the bangs look great on u… you’re totally in fashion!Have a great weekendAnaIsa


  7. Kathy
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 06:33:00

    >I like the new look, I agree with Olde Dame Penniwig. Makes you look younger.


  8. tara
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 07:21:00

    >It seems unanimous. I like the bangs too.


  9. Anonymous
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 08:05:00

    >Defintely keep the bangs….Younger,feminine,softer look. Does a lovely number on your eyes too! It takes courage to do a major change like that!! MaryL


  10. Gina
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 09:00:00

    >I think it looks great! It softens your features and brightens your smile.


  11. Charlene
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 09:55:00

    >Me, too!


  12. annemarie
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 12:24:00

    >I, also, love the bangs – your have such pretty hair. I have missed your blog for a month – don’t know what is going on – the last post I had was before christmas. Now I have some catching up to do! I do not know what the mixup is with my name – seems so unusual. My computer knowledge is so limited!! Anyway I am still here – do not know why I haven’t received your updates. Happy NewYear!


  13. Miss Nancy
    Jan 24, 2009 @ 08:45:00

    >love it….bangs and color make you look younger! You go girl…


  14. Bonne
    Jan 24, 2009 @ 16:32:00

    >Yep! You look totally updated and fresh! Looks fab!


  15. swty5283
    Jan 26, 2009 @ 07:59:00

    >The haircut is pretty, you have beautiful hair.


  16. Sherry
    Feb 01, 2009 @ 16:31:00

    >Good move! The bangs suit you well. Sometimes we only need small changes. 🙂


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