>Nostalgia Adam Ant

>The first music I ever purchased was Adam Ant, the tape “Strip”. I was in fourth grade.

Hmmmm!!! 4th Grade. OK, I should be worried; my oldest is in 5th, so this could come at any stage I guess now. But I think I have more extreme tastes than she does because when I was looking at videos I would post on here, she scrunched her nose in disdain at most of them. She liked a little of the music but not most of the images. Hard to explain to a kid that Mom and Dad didn’t always seem this boring as we do to them. I mean I still wear fishnets and leather and things of that sort, but they consider that normal for me. Videos they haven’t seen much of, if any, or wild hair (they never saw that on me because I cut off my hawk about 2 years before meeting their dad). Oh well, I guess I should be prepared for the fallout from this any time soon. But, since they go to a Christian school that doesn’t allow extremes, I might be OK for a few more years.


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