>the last…or is it


for a woman who lost her baby that morning

These are the last photos of floral work stuff in my camera. If you look at the clock you can see it it almost 11 pm. Yep photos taking during mother’s day week. Part of the reason for leaving hard to be a mom to little kids and be a florist when you have hours like that. If you notice most all are smiling we did have fun together beware of a bunch of woman with almost no sleep for days late at night we all act a little silly. All the people in the photo I think are great and I have agreed to cover shifts as needed. So there might be little spurts of floral work every now and again but not often.

close up of funeral
What a mess!
late night floral work
late night floral work
what a mess
flowers everywhere
Bottom two photos are the next day as you can tell from the light coming in the back door.

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  1. A Cottage Rose
    May 29, 2009 @ 08:38:48

    >I did floral design for a few years, and do not miss it…especially the late night hours during busy times and fingers that were often sore. I don’t plan to ever go back. What I learned there was enriching, though, and still has a place in my life and home.


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