>Soccer Mom and Dad

>My oldest daughter has played in two different soccer leagues both times her Pai (pronounced Pie = dad) was either her coach or assistant coach. He is the one in the black shirt with the shaved head surrounded by little girls.

Next year all three girls are going to be on different soccer teams; not sure how we will be able to keep up with practices and games. I guess we will be doing a lot of driving from field to field to drop them all off for practice. They want to all play now that the oldest has done it for a while; they think it is fun. Not sure pai will be able to be coach of all their teams, though; that is a bit much.

I guess it has officially happened; we have joined the league of soccer moms and dads of the world. It is a little stressful to me with them having VWD, but I like to let them be normal kids, which they are to me. They have been taught to be empowered over themselves. They usually know when too much is too much, and when to stop, and how to take care of themselves when having a joint bleed, and such.


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