>Lace revisiting triangle scarf


patina and stitch

A long time back I posted a tutorial on a triangle scarf using sugar and cream yarn. I decided I wanted to revise a triangle hair scarf, but this time I wanted something a little lacier to make so I changed the stitch pattern a little and made shells instead of just dcs and ch.

point and patina before edging

I am using vintage thread (probably antique due to the label that was on the ball) in a size 10 thread. Because of the age of the thread, it has a patina which, when crocheted, makes it look variegated. Some people probably would have tossed out the ball because most it looked damaged, but I have worked with this type of thing before and it is always fun to see how the patinas will work up. In this case, I think it’s lovely; just the right amount of aging all the way through the ball. I will probably put this up for sale when it is done. I think it would make a lovely light summer head scarf and still be very feminine.

3/4 done

I was playing with the scarf edging on the morning commute to take my husband to work. He drives there then I drive back home, just so everyone knows I was not crocheting and driving at the same time.
start of edging

So, out of curiosity, what do you the readers of this blog think about the patina on old threads? I love the fact that even though the project is made brand new with old store stock, it looks like it has been around for years and handed down from one generation to the next. Do you love it or hate it, and why?