>Another one

>My oldest daughter decided she wanted to make the yoyo afghan, too, but she wanted to make it in acrylic because I have a ton of it I never use any more. Since it will be a child’s blanket, acrylic is probably best as well because it will get a lot of use and need to be washed often. I didn’t show her the tutorial; I just explained the stitch count and she watched me when I was making some and snuk off on her own to figure it out. When she came back with one round completed, I handed her another ball and said, “Can you figure out the second round on your own?” and she did, So then I let her get yarn out of the stash; too bad the stash was already boxed and taped closed so I had to go and find it.

>Lace Triangle Scarf Progress


full view

I am almost finished crocheting this scarf, I just need to finish the ties, then wash and dry. I had a lot of fun figuring out the layout of the lace edging, especially since I just sort of made it as I went along. No pattern was used for this scarf; it was just out of my head including, the edging. My husband was saying it would even make a nice neck scarf (collar); you know, I think he is correct.

front of scarf
back point of scarf

>Pdf now available on ravelry

>Size 2 and 4
Size 10 thread or knit-cro sheen
Size 7 hook
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