>What I have been doing


new afghan

While the computer was down I did work on a few projects. My youngest daughter wanted an afghan like her sisters so she went to the box of acrylic yarn and picked out some colors. She wanted a rainbow of colors, but sisters had already snagged all of those balls. So we decided to make one with a lot of cream and white in it. Sisters gave her reds and browns and there was some pink still in the box. So we came up with the “Chocolate Valentine” afghan. We choose this name for it because of all the reds, pinks, creams, whites which are valentine colors and then the browns sort of like a box of valentine chocolates. We still have about nineteen scrap balls to add to this, so it will probably double in width before this one is done. She wanted to do it herself, but her tension is all over the board, so it was handed off to me to finish it for her. About 90% of this is me and 10% her work. She is still very proud of her work in it (she is 7 years old).

butterfly girl with her blanket

I have also been working on the orange dress. The sleeves are both done, but for some reason I only took pictures of the right one. Below are pictures of the sleeve before it was attached and after.

sleeve before attaching
right sleeve front side
right sleeve back side

>My computer crashed it is ok now

>I meant to post the hair bun cover tutorial a few days ago, but our computer crashed. My husband is the computer guru in the house, and he had lots of deadlines at his work. So, I hope to have this up today or tomorrow. Thank you for your patience with this.