>Wire yoyo crochet choker necklace



So I was playing with wire and crochet today and made myself a wire crochet yoyo chocker. I don’t think these pictures came out very well but after six different photo shoot tries I gave up on the photos.

wire necklace

I still think it came out well and I hoped it wouldn’t be irritating so I wore it all day to see if it would bug me and it didn’t. Now my kids want them. Hum should I be concerned that little children think this is cool as I think it is but does it fit into the 7 to 11 age bracket of cool. I mean I didn’t think it looked childish but I am not sure now. Oh well I like it so I will wear it anyway. I can see me making a bracelet to match maybe make some bracelets for the girls in colored wire that to me seems a little more child like.

necklace wire
new necklace out of wire