>A Snood and vintage granny pattern

>So I made a snood using the same technique from the tutorial that I posted the other day just using a bigger doily and a bigger elastic. On one of the forums I belong to they actually just happen to be talking about snoods yesterday. Someone commented on my tutorial (funny it wasn’t me that commented on it) anyway they said it was only for bun covers. So I thought I would show it could do both.

I pulled out a damaged antique doily I had and pulled out vintage crochet thread too to make the snood. Since the doily was damaged it was not usable as a doily and since this one has no sentimental value to me as it is a thrift store item I had no problem doing this to it. I did repair the doily first and replaced the stitches that had become missing.

My oldest daughter has the longest hair so she is the model in these photos.

snood back made from antique doily
snood side made from antique doily

The elastics I used are made by goody.

The thread is vintage bedspread weight cotton fast color and will boil are stated on it. Inside the wrapper I found a pattern for an old granny square so I decided to post images of that it is always cool to find these little things inside of balls of thread.

pattern in wrapper part 1
pattern in wrapper part 2
pattern in wrapper part 3