>Irish Crochet Tam

> I was looking at some thread I have that I got at a thrift store I had three of the same cream thread by Bernat :Cassino. It was such a nice color and weight that I thought it would be perfect for an embellished tam. I used 3 sizes of hooks in the process of making this size H, G for the hat and a size 6 steel for embellishments and hat band.

So I set to work on this, with out a pattern just crocheting what ever came into my head. I worked on it on and off . By bed time yesterday I had the hat made and all most all the flowers, leaves and vines done.

tam before embelishments

I used Romanian cord for the vines if you don’t know what Romanian cord is go to my tutorial on it and you can make it too. I made one more flower this morning.

irish crochet embellishments

I spent the last 2 hours figuring out layout and stitching the embellishments on and added some antique mother of pearl buttons some are even antique ladies boot buttons. I just love boot buttons. There are five buttons total on the hat each button is in the center of a flower. For not having a pattern I think it came out well. Sometimes it is nice to just get an idea and go for it. I used every scrap of that thread that I had and got a pretty hat out of it.

the Update
pattern is now available
tamtam detailfront of tamtam front 2