>Sunday Lace

>This is a piece of lace I have worked on for three hours each Sunday for the last two Sundays. I know it doesn’t look like much is done, but then think about the size of the thread and that is actually a lot done for that amount of time.

lace with size references

People keep asking me what I am going to do with it. I can’t figure out why people assume I have an project in mind just because I am making fine lace. I just like to have my hands busy at all times. So I make lace as those who follow this blog know I have an entire tote of handmade lace this will go in it. I do have to admit it would be some cool lace for a Halloween project such a nice Halloween orange. But just because I said that doesn’t mean I have a project in mind yet it just means the wheels are turning.

amount made so far

There are some pretty good size references in these photos I have included the hook, a dime, and a tape measure so you can see how small the thread is and the size of the lace. Might be hard to see but the orange thread is laying on top of the tape measure so you can see its width.


>Orchids in Bloom


my favorite orchid i own
The orchid above is my favorite out of the ones I own.
orchids even more orchids
These top three orchids I used a little while back to make a corsage for my mother in law for her birthday I forgot to take picture of it.
more orchidsmy orchids are in bloomorchids