>Irish crochet

>There is a group on flickr all about Irish crochet. With the interest I have see with my Irish crochet tam I thought I would let you all know about it. You are welcome to join and add photo’s to the group if they are about Irish crochet related of course.

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>Floral Work !?!

>I bet you thought I was done posting floral work, like I said I am happy to help at my old work when they go on vacation. Well all but one of my old co-workers is on vacation (5 are on vacation). So I went in the last two days to help out (along with 5 other people who are all taking turns to help out). It was real nice seeing Judy again I couldn’t have worked with a nicer person. Here are a few of the things I made yesterday.

casket piece
close up of casket
close up of casket
Urn (there are what look to be grass tufts coming out of the arrangement on the right side of the photo those are actually part of another arrangement that Gail was working on, on the other side of the counter ( she came into help too).
funeral work urn
Close up of Urn
close up of urn
Heart wreath
heart wreath funeral
Close up heart wreath
close up heart wreath
close up of easel
close up of easel
close up of oncidium orchids on easel
orchids on easle