>Aprons (from class at Quilt Fair on Wed)

>There was a demo class at the Utah Valley Quilt fair on Wednesday about aprons. Since I and a lot of my readers like aprons I asked if I could take photos of some of her aprons she had on display behind her as she talked. I forgot to get a picture of the speaker the apron she was wearing was in mint green and real cute. Oops oh well I got a few any way for you to see. So here is a tiny bit of eye candy. There had been more aprons but I was a little late and had to sit in the back so it was impossible to get photos while she talked. So these are taken at the end during the meet and great.

ruffle apron
sexy apron
mom me and dolly too apronsmom me and dolly too apronsholiday apronsholiday apron

>Yoyos (class at Quilt Fair)


yoyos sewn to store bought quilt

There was a second class I went to during the quilt fair and wished I had not. The class was titled “What to do with all those yoyos”. So I thought hey might be fun to see someone else’s ideas other than my own. The booklet stated that the teacher had been making yoyos since she was six years old, she is in her 70’s or 80’s. At the start of class, I was early for this one, I asked if I could take photos while they set up. The lady at that time said” oh I remember you, you are who we thought of when we decided to make this lecture but didn’t know how to get a hold of you”. So they asked someone else. I was good with that I wasn’t into the teaching mode I was in the hang out with daughters and have fun at the fair mode.

close up

I asked a few questions and discovered the only things the teacher had made was the pillow when she was six years old a small yoyo quilt (very pretty I might add) and had 2 half done projects one the quilt with the baskets full of yoyo flowers and the other was a kids t-shirt with five yoyos pinned to it. To look like balloons so she told us as she had not sewn down the yoyos yet or embroidered the balloon strings yet. So it just looked like a bunch of yoyos with pins in them on a red tee. I am not trying to be critical of the lady she is a very nice and a dear friend of mine. But it was not her day nothing came out the way she wanted too she even messed up showing us how to make a yoyo she forgot to fold in her seam allowances, nerves. It got worse from there I so wanted to rescue her nothing like going down in front of a 70 woman who all know how to make yoyo’s. How do I know we all knew how to make yoyos the teacher asked who had made yoyos before pretty much everyone raised their hands. Then asked why are you here then we all answered this isn’t supposed to be a class on how to make yoyos but how to use them as embellishments. I think that was the start of the down fall and the second was the oops on the yoyo demo a few moments later. I so wanted to rescue her. Bless her heart she did her best she stood in front of everyone for an hour trying to get through her demo from loosing her needle to breaking her thread and with 3 or 4 ladies falling asleep in the back of the room and snoring. I have never seen a person try so hard to get through a demo as she did. I think she should get an award for perseverance.

mini yoyo quilt
This one was made by the teacher about the size nickles

This one is made by Seiko Higgins
yoyo flag
This was made by the friend of the teacher and my friend too Seiko Higgins. She is the person who taught me how to make yoyos years and years ago. I have a mini quilt made by her too, mine is in purples and blues. I don’t have a size reference in the photo but those are smaller than a dime and she did them by hand with out clovers tools.

Made by teacher, her brother, and unknown person
jingle jacks and yoyo pillow

One yoyo clown was made by the teachers brother,the one with the cloth head and missing an arm. It was made when the teacher was a little girl. The other was found thrift shopping. The pillow she said she made when she was 6 years, when she had rheumatic fever. Those are not reproduction feed sack material those are the real thing this was made when that was new.

Small wall quilt
made by teacher 1/2 done
This one was made by the teacher it is 1/2 done.

Store bought quilt with yoyos added
yoyos on store bougth quilt
This one was made by the teachers daughter. She bought a 20 dollar quilt at TJ Max a place like Ross’s and embellished it with the yoyos. Cute idea and quick. I love that she went back and added her own seam binding to the already bound quilt to pull it together. It is a nice finishing touch. Oh and I love the colors.

Vintage quilt made by the teachers mother I think I am not sure on this one but I know the teacher didn’t make it.
vintage yoyo quilt
Sewn onto a white cloth backing to reinforce it and make it stronger. I love the colors in this one too. A very nice collection of vintage feed-sack material could look at it for hours just to find out how many fabrics are in it.

>Antique & Vintage Collars and other lace

>I have a small collection of antique and vintage collars this is about half of them. I will probably never wear any of them some I plan to make replicas of so I can use those and not damage the originals. The ones in this collection in time I hope to get framed archivally and hang on them on the wall. This collection covers a great many years from the late 1800’s to around 1950. Some are hand made lace and some have machine lace some are eyelet. I like them all they have such a variety of styles included in these from under-clothing yokes to collars to dress up a suit or sweater. I have another box of these but it is stored already. In that other box are some dickies too. Oh and the dark burgundy dress form you see I got at the quilt guild yard sale yesterday it fits my size just right. I will post more about quilt guild later. All that is missing is the chalk hem attachment and that is easily fixed. The best part was it was only $20.00. I know it isn’t the best dress form but it is my size where as the other two that I own aren’t and they are just used for display purposes for my blog. This new one is functional for making me things to wear so that rocks.

yoke antique close up of antique yokecrochet yoke antique usedcrochet yoke antiqueantique yoke never usedclose up of antique yokeantique/vintage collarclose upnever used antique/vintage collarclose up

This one below could have been a doiley edging but I think it could have been a simple collar too either would work.

crochet could be collar or doiley edge I think collarnet lace collar vintage/antiquenet lace collar vintage/antiquenet lace collar vintage/antiquenet lace collar vintage/antiquemachine lace collar vintageeyelet fabric  machine lace collar vintagemachine  collar vintagefabric collar vintageeyelet and french lace collar vintageeyelet and french lace collar vintagemachine lace and fabric vintage collarmachine lace and fabric vintage collarcutwork fabric vintage collareyelet fabric vintage collareyelet fabric vintage collareyelet fabric vintage collar

other items in this box

I think it use to be a doily or pillow edging but would make a lovely collar. The reason I think it use to be either a doily or pillow is because where the fabric use to be attached if it was a dressing gown it would be on the points not the header side of the lace.

edging/ doily pillow? or collar

I think it use to be a doily or small table cloth edging but would make a lovely collar for a drop waist open back night gown.

edging doily/ small tableclothedging doily/ small tablecloth

Doily edging would make a nice childs collar.

doiley edging would make a nice childs collar

Other scraps of lace in this same box

What looks to be an insertion or the start of another yoke and a another insertion with a bird in filet crochet.
insertion or half done yokescrap of lace bird

Half done edging

scrap of edging

half doily(medallion)

never finished doily (medalion)

Not exactly sure what the last one is sort of looks like something that goes in the hair hard to see in photo but it has two special loops that look like a hair chop would go into.

not sure just an old piece of lace