>Yellow Cloche hat with rose


other side with rose detail cloche
front cloche

I guess I am in a hat mode at the moment. I am just having fun playing with the yarn. I used the same yarn that I used for the yellow tam. I really like the rose accent this is the first time I have made a rose in the exact way I did in this hat it was fun as my kids had a hard time guessing it was a rose till I was almost done with the rose. I was asked in the comments about the rose so this is an update the rose came from a tutorial in Portuguese but you don’t need to speak or read Portuguese to understand it if you have crocheted for a little while. My rose has way more petals than the tutorial as I wanted a very full rose not a wild rose look.

side cloche

>Progress on afghan for my daughter


afghan for my youngest daughter my progress

I seem to only work on this project on Sundays it is a brainless project and my hands just seem to know what to do. It is one of those projects where you can work on it and let your mind wonder to other thoughts and such. This is the afghan I am making for my youngest daughter that she crochets on intermittently. Her tension is getting better even if it is only little bits at a time. This has had fourteen rounds added to it since I last posted about it.