>Repairing floral afghan


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I few days ago I received a phone call from a nice lady who needed an afghan repaired that her
aunt had made. So this morning I went to her house to discus the item in question. It has large number of holes in it. Most are in the green thread which is not uncommon colored threads sometimes have more issues than whites. Also that part of the pattern has a lot of chains which tend to be the weak link in afghans. It has a lovely fringe on the edge it would have been nice if it had had another set of knots tied in it or maybe even two sets just a little more formal for something that has so much work it was like the ball was dropped there.

fringe edge on afghan needing repairs

I have actually repaired this same pattern before about 4 years ago for an old neighbor. Funny thing is this lady is almost an old neighbor she only lives about 7 blocks from my old house in American Fork how funny is that.

more afghan needing repairsafghan needing repairs

I went through my thread stash looks like I have some pretty good vintage matches for this afghan there are actually two shades of green in the afghan and one shade of white and one of pink. The bad thing about white is that I can not make the thread have the same patina as the original as it has never had the same wear and tear even though it is about the same age. So it will be a little bit different but that can’t be helped that is how it is most times with repairs.

matching thread to repair afghan withafghan  in need of repair

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