>New repair Project


afghan in need of repairs

This project actually traveled all the way from Illinois for me to fix it. The owners are staying in Provo for the summer and had been trying to find someone to fix it for them.

the two motifs

It is an interesting size of thread for something so old. It looks to be size 5 very odd indeed as most things this age are in size 20 or 30. Size 5 is some thing more from the 1960’s so it is perplexing to me.

holesmore holes
more and more holestons of holes

Enclosed in this post are just a few of the damaged spots on this afghan there are many more than I am showing but once again that would be to many photos to post. I tried to take two photos with out holes which are the top two in this post

center holesholes in chainstreble holes

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  1. EVA
    Jul 30, 2009 @ 03:07:13

    >You have a really good hand to repair crochet. I have some things to repair. I´ll have a look and try to learn something


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