>Help I want some doll heads



I am wanting some baby doll heads to use as mannequins if any one has some happy to trade for them or pay (a reasonable price). I will give you a better deal for the trade over the money. Meaning I am happy to make a 50+ dollar item (or you can pick something from my store for around that price) for a 20 dollar head but I am not wanting to pay much for the head. Not all heads are worth 20 most are 8 dollars and such. If the head is real nice I am happy to go even higher (on the trade) on the item I make for it but I want it to be very old looking and be a baby with molded hair no wigs I hate those things on them. It has to be life size from newborn to a one year old. I don’t want little heads as this is to be a life size mannequin to be of any use to me.


This one is 6 inches tall counting neck the head is only 5 inches tall
about 5 inches wide
and 13 inches around
0-3 mos

I want the dolls heads to be bigger than this one. I like the aged look of this one it is made of composition ( I don’t want vinyl as I already have some of those) I really want composition, bisque or porcelain.


Thanks if any one has some. I only want the heads I know this sounds kind of morbid but it looks cool in photos of baby bonents and since my store is Vintage Threads Inc. I want a vintage baby to model items.

If you are interested send a few photos to the email address on the right side of my blog and in the photos include a tape measure so I can see how big the item it. Or send me a link as to where I can see them on the internet in your email or post here. Also what you think it is worth in trade then we will discuss if I am interested and if I agree with the trade.


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