>Look what I found


size 2t 24 mos dress wip

When going through stuff to pack things up I found this half done dress size 24 mos 2t. That I was making out of sheer fabric and yarn. Sort of yoyo crochet but not in the way of the yoyo crochet tutorial. I hope to work on this this week end maybe getting the skirt done and a few more yoyos on the bodice. It would be nice to get this done. I have so many half done project it is ridiculous. I am one of those people that if I get an idea it bugs me till I start it. I always finish things just not always right after I start them. If I am making them for someone else or for a deadline then they are done fast. But if it is just for fun it kicks around for a while like this piece. Look at the size of the cone of yarn. Can we see a lot of pink whit things being made in the future and I mean a lot there is more on that cone than was on the yellow one. The dress still needs sleeves, neck line, and hem finished as well as 4 more yoyos.


>Rock Climing at School

>She got about 5 feet higher than this then came down.Right before ringing the bellRight before ringing the bell.

Today was the party for the last day of summer school. To finish off the summer they had their Summit To The Top party. Yep rock climbing at school, it is Utah what can I say lots of climbers here and it is fun. Two of the girls made it to the top. The third got half way there. I think they all did great and fun was had by all. Now back to normal school on Monday.

>1912 Hat all done

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>hat all finished


The pattern will be in the stores tonight or tomorrow.
My creationMy creation

>1912 Hat


start of 1912 hat

I have been working on another hat pattern for the store. I call it the 1912 hat as it has that area feel to it. The neat thing about this hat is the way the pattern is written you can easily make the hat for a child or adult using any yarn with corresponding hook. This way you can use any yarn in your stash also it is drafted for one or two colors so you can make it match any outfit. The pattern should be both stores ( Etsy and Ravelry by the end of the week) it will be a pdf and available for $3.75 US Dollars. The hat is not done in these photos it still is getting a wide brim.

I think it would be a lovely Christmas or Easter bonnet. For either adults or little girls. I will show a finished hat in a few days I still have to finish the floppy brim. The pattern is done just not the item.

start of 1912 hat

>Reginal Golf Tournament for NHF

>Our children played in the golf tournament for the National Hemophilia Foundation our family as those who read my blog know is part of the bleeding disorders community as I and my daughters all have Von Willenbrand’s Disease.

Oldest daughter got third place. First girl in the 9 years of the competitions history to place in the top three. She also won a set of golf clubs with bag and a trophy as well as a participation medal.

The next level is national which the children do not go to they ( the top winner of each region) have their scores put in and compared against the 3 other regional winners and the wild cards. Which is what my oldest daughter got also. There are three winners at the next level one for golf one for baseball and one for the wild card slot. Those winners go to the National Hemophilia meeting in October.

First time the younger two have played in competition in golf they have always done baseball in the past.

>Yards and yards of lace


lace made by my 11 yr old

My oldest daughter finished her variegated blue lace project she has been working on it for a while sort of on and off for a few months. She calls this her mushroom lace as that is what the fans look like to her. She and I just measured it and it has nine yards total. Pretty good I would say. She is a pretty determined little girl to make that much lace with a size six steel hook and size ten antique crochet thread.

lace made by my 11 yr old

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